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Shipping Calculator

If you wish to quickly know an approximate value of a shipping cost, it's important you know that it depends mainly by the destination and by the parcel's total weight. In addition you should consider that every Post Company in the world will approximate your parcel weight (in excess) on a Kg basis (E.G. a parcel with a weight of 2.4 Kgs will be considered with a 3 kg weight). Now let's go to the extimation, you'll be able to do it in only 3 steps :

[1] Estimate your parcel weight, considering that usually a magazine weight goes from 0,5 Kg  to 1,7 Kg

[2] Look for Delivery Zone ID [corresponding to your country] into our Delivery zones Table

[3] Look for service cost [corresponding to your Delivery Zone ID and to your Parcel Weight] into our Delivery Cost Table

       Delivery zones table

        Delivery cost table [in Euro currency]